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Cat litter

Cats are self-sufficient for many things, that's one of the advantages that you will always anyone who enjoys the company of a cat as a pet. And one of the most appreciated features in this regard is their ability to learn to perform their physiological needs always in the same place in the house and in the same container, which means you do not need to take him out several times a day.

However, it does not mean self-sufficient need some care. The truth is that few care-giving in that sense, but they are very important. And for all of them you can find the best solutions in paragraph hygiene for cats that we show in our pet shop.

Sandboxes for cats

As you have available a huge variety of cat food , so you can find the one you like your pussycat, or just as you offer a wide range of scrapers for cats, also have different proposals regarding related products droppings of cats. And basically these products are reduced to a cat box and the necessary sand.

The only requirement is to teach from puppy to urinate and defecate in his litter box for cats. Of course, logically we must find the best and most appropriate sandpit, place both for you and your family, and for the pet , which always tends to prefer a place some distance from your house cat .

Cat litter

Once you have chosen the sandpit and its location, the time to fill it with the most appropriate arena arrives. You will see in our pet store we have many types of cat litter. You will find that the have varied textures and different visual aspects, which is due to the use of different materials, since they are not equal one another silica sand bentonite.

Anyway, beyond their appearance, one of the most important features when opting for a type of cat litter or another, it is to analyze its operation after contact with urine and droppings cat. And in that regard, the experience and research tell us that a good absorbent sand can be made from silica beads cat

And although this type of sand is very effective, the truth is that we must also have the likes of our own pet. His hobbies in intimate issues are always important. Therefore, manufacturers such as Vitakraft , Sanicat and others create different types of absorbent cat litter with different mineral compositions, and there are also made with paper or vegetables.

The clumping litter for cats

Moreover, not only you have to look at the absorption capacity of cat litter. There is another key factor, as is cleaning the litter box itself. This container can be a source of infection for both humans and animals to. In fact, if it is not clean they will go there insects and parasites, and although we can protect our pet with pipettes for cats , there can always be some other infection.

Not forgetting the aesthetic theme and smell. For that reason, they are highly valued the binders cat litter . With her sand balls with animal droppings are generated, which facilitates cleaning thanks to a simple shovel sand cats, and also the aesthetic appearance of the container is much healthier.

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