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It is clear. Our dog is one of the family and why not going to enjoy all of us vacation getaway or a day or weekend. If you think that, in our shop online animals you'll find everything you need to take your pet travel, both in the form of trolleys or trasportines dogs for public transport, such as harnesses and blankets for dogs to get them on your own vehicle .

First, you have to know that public transport you can travel with dog always following the rules of each carrier. You'll have to read the rules governing this section in bus companies, railroads, ships or planes and have the type of trasportines or possibly dog cages , a variant that generally lies in the size of the animal and the distances to cover .

Any models requested by you'll have available in our online pet store. We trasportines for large dogs and also for medium. And of course we have different models cages. As for smaller pets, so they have a wide range of backpacks and bags for dog . All performed by specialized brands such products as Freedog, Trixie and Ferplast, so that has been taken into account in designing and making the rules but also the comfort and needs of your dog.

Keeping a dog in the car

But besides the possibility of traveling with dogs in public transport, it is also feasible to do so in your own car. Yes. There is also a current legislation. The dog or must travel in a separate compartment from the rest of travelers, for example in the trunk of vans, or whether it goes with the other passengers, as they must carry your own seat belt, which in this case are the harnesses leashes and adapted for the trip.

There are more interesting accessories for dogs to take with them one roading. For example, to separate cockpits, you can always put a folding screen. One element that is also interesting in the windows to prevent possible jumps of the animal. And if you prefer to leave that fixed element, also you find suitable metal grids to your car.

And it can also be recommended for use in the car itself using trasportines for medium and large dogs. Both for safety and for the peace and quiet of the animal. Something that also applies to transport smaller, with their bags and backpacks to carry pet dogs. Surely for dogs smaller everything is easier, because these backpacks and comfortable bags for dogs are also useful after the movement itself, and once at the destination may remain a valid way (and even fashion) sightseeing .

Take care of your dog and your car

However, to do the trip with your dog by car but do not use or trasportines or bags, backpacks or carrying dogs, you know that it is possible fixing them to the seat belt . However, here's a useful recommendation. Use or seat covers for dogs or covers. Have you seen the blanket is your dog at home? ¿Full of hair, no? For just the seats of your car will stay if you do not put these protective covers for dogs.

More ways to travel with dog

We have described useful accessories and objects you find in our animal shop online to travel by car and public transport with your dog. But there are more means of transport that move with your pet. In fact, we're going to name one that you will go slower, but your dog will love: cycling.

To pedals and not do without the company of your pet we offer different accessories for the bike and for the dog . Obviously if your pet is small and does not weigh too much like you better just with a basket or a backpack to carry dogs. But for those who may have larger breeds animals, here are several resources to go cycling with the dog. Find more supports to take tied and that you follow step, we are sure to be more comfortable for you and your pet.

And even you will see trucks that also appear to incorporate into the back of the bike. This is mostly for older or injured dogs. For them have cars not only for cycling, but also similar cars to those we use with babies or less cumbersome solutions like a kind of suitcase trolley but with grids so that animals see and breathe, for example road vet if they are sick.

Finally, look at the entire repertoire of transport accessories for dogs we have available in our shop virtual pets and not renounce to travel with your dog.

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